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Please, select below the informations you wish to plot

Main information.

This is mandatory. At least, you must select one voice.
cases are the cumulative cases positive to the infection;
deaths are the cumulative number of persons deceased due to the infection .

Let we do an analogy with a trip by car. These measures are the equivalent of the total distance covered by our trip.

Secondary information.

This is optional. You can, or cannot, select a voice, as you wish.
cases/day you can think this as the derivative of the cumulative number of cases positive to the infection; this is the steepness of the cumulative curve;
Δcases/day it is the second derivative of cumulative positive cases; this indicates if the cases curve has upward (if > 0) or downward (if < 0) concavity .

Again, with our analogy of a trip by car: the first measure (cases/day) is the equivalent of the velocity of our car, while the second measure (Δcases/day) is the equivalent of the acceleration in our trip.

Ratio to population.

If you check this control, application will show you a ratio between information(s) you chose and the population of the selected nation(s).

Time interval.

from is the initial day to plot,
to is the final day to plot.
Date format is year-month-day: yyyy-mm-dd.
Warning: what happens when you select a "from">minimum_available_date, is decided by "remember base data" check If it is unchecked, all incremental data between the minimum available date and your choice will be ignored. Accordingly showed cumulative data will start from zero.



About Time Interval:
Remember base data

If you check this control, and you choose a first day to plot greater than the first available, application will remember incremental data happened between the first day available and the chosen day. If you do not check this control in the above condition, application will forget these incremental data, and graph of cumulative data will start from incremental data present at the first day.

Type of query to select.

  • World gives observations about all the world.
  • Worst EU behaviour of the worst EU countries. Worst is about the chosen main information, remarking that ratio to population matter. Using Interval, you can choose how many countries to show, sorted from worst to best.

Interval to choose in case of Worst something query.

In case of Worst something query, you wish to choose how many countries to show, sorted from worst to best. Where the worst is catched by index number 1

  • from left index of interval starting from 1
  • to right index of interval, up to 15