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Time trend analysis of Covid-19 outbreak

This site section is to show the time trend of Covid-19 outbreak.

Here you can select one or more nations or continents to compare their time trend of total cases of positive infection to the viruses. Please do not select too many nations, or the graph will be unreadable.

Alternatively you can use some other query type.

Data available range from 2019-12-31 to 2020-08-13 and regard 210 between countries and territories.


This site uses data published by European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control. This Agency every day at noon updates data about the spread of Covid-19 disease in all the world. Therefore this site is updated at 13:15 CET (or CEST, when daylight saving time is in charge).


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- adding possibility to show observations about the entire World
- adding possibility to chose date interval, check them and check nations vs continents
- added a table of data values on the last day in the picture
- added a summary table of data used to build chosen observations to draw
- added European Union in nations
- added South, Central and North America sub continents
- added the second derivative of total positive cases to show the curve concavity
- a better user interface to select nations
- added the comparison between continents
- user can choose what infos to plot: positive cases and/or deaths